In this week’s podcast, Steve speaks about his own story with monogamy and he talks about the realisations he has come to in his own journey with sex and relationships.

As noted by Psychology today, “In the state of nature, human beings were generally polygamous, as are most animal species. The few animal species that are monogamous include the emperor penguin, the prairie vole, and the red-backed salamander.” Peter Sage, on our podcast number 6 talks about how marriage was only really invented to share wealth between families; nobody ever got married for love.

So, why do we still do monogamy? This is what Steve talks about on this podcast. Is monogamy more sacred than any other relationship (or non-relationship) path? Surely not. It’s just the considered cultural norm in western society and therefore most people choose it by default.

Steve also discusses his own journey from growing up in a family and culture with no set religion. He explains his journey of being an atheist through his teenage years, and then finding his truth (within himself, not through a religion or spiritual guru) was that there is one universal consciousness that permeates through every thing on this planet.

It is this connection to all that is (within his own being) helps him have less attachment to which partner is with him, or not with him. He believes partnership is important, and great creations can be formed of partnerships – businesses, families, happiness, play, music, dance, books, and much more. We all need partnerships, but they don’t have to come in a monogamous form.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think monogamy means and if you want to go beyond it.

Have you tried to go beyond monogamy? Polyamory? How did it go? Is monogamy currently working for you?

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