A lot of misinformation about anal sex exists. We all need an anal sex how to guide. If you don’t know the facts, you might avoid what could be a pleasurable and intimate experience, or you could end up hurting yourself or your partner! We uncover the truth about those myths and offer advice to have awesome anal sex!

An Anal Sex How To Guide

Myth #1: It Hurts.

Truth #1: It Doesn’t Hurt If You Do It Right.

Actually, anal sex shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so you need to figure it out.

Avoid this mistake: Take your time when it comes to anal sex, especially if it’s going to be your first time. Don’t rush into it. Make plenty of time for foreplay to relax yourself. This can include anal stimulation with fingers or toys.

Have anal lube on hand to ease insertion, and apply more when necessary.

If you’re on the receiving end, be vocal about your status. As the giver, you need to be prepared to go slow, watch for cues and respect your partner if he or she needs you to slow down, stop or pull out all together.

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Myth #2: Anal Sex Is Messy

Truth #2: It Isn’t Messy If You Use An Anal Douche!

Yes, the anus is where you defecate from. No, that doesn’t mean anal sex has to be messy. You can take a few precautions to minimize any messiness.

  1. Make sure your bowels are clean beforehand. Pass on anal sex if you’re feeling irregular.
  2. Shower before anal sex.
  3. You can use a small anal douche filled with warm water to rinse out the anal cavity over the toilet.
  4. You can purchase an enema attachment for your shower, but it’s typically not necessary.

Sometimes you can do all those things, and anal sex still gets a little messy. Using condoms can make cleanup easy, but it’s not a big deal if you encounter some fecal matter. Simply clean it up and move on. We recommend this anal douche – should you wish to buy one – click here.

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Myth #3: You Should Do Ass to Mouth (Or Vagina) Because They Do It In Porn

Truth #3: No. You Definitely Should Not Do ATM.

This anal sex myth has been spread by porn. Sexy starlets like to take it up the bum; then their partners switch to oral or vaginal sex. But this is a bad idea. The anus contains bacteria that aren’t native to the vagina or mouth, and a penis or toy is just the thing to spread those bacteria.

Ass-to-vagina is especially risky because the vagina and cervix can easily become unbalanced, leading to infections that require antibiotics to fix. So do yourself a favor and avoid the future doctor’s visit by keeping it hygienic.

Wash. Change condoms then continue sex as normal in the pussy or mouth.

anal sex

Anal. ©Adobestock nowicki

Myth #4: Women Don’t Like Anal Sex

Truth #5: Many Women (And Straight Men) LOVE Anal Sex

Anal sex is so often touted as something for the man who’s inserting his penis into an ultra-tight space that we forget that those people on the receiving end, both men and women, can enjoy it, too. It can feel incredibly submissive, and some people are capable of having anal orgasms.

In fact, some men don’t especially like having anal sex with their partners because it does nothing for them! You never know who likes anal sex or why.

A man’s prostate is located in the anus, which makes anal sex an incredibly pleasurable experience, which brings us to our next point.

how to do sacred spot

Myth #5: Men Who Like Receiving Anal Sex Are Gay

Truth #5: Men Who Like Receiving Anal Sex Have More Compassion For Women & Are Better Lovers

Yes, gay men often engage in anal play together. But a man who likes to insert a butt plug while masturbating or even to have his wife penetrate him with a strap-on certainly isn’t gay. There’s no “straight” way to give or receive sexual pleasure, anal included.

Men who fear that liking anal penetration makes them gay may miss out on the benefits (sexual, emotional and physical) of prostate sex and being able to explore new heights with their partners.

When men are penetrated by a finger, or a dildo, and are able to receive all the pleasure that it brings – they start to fully understand what it is like to be in a woman’s body. This will then change the way he penetrates a woman because he has much more compassion and understanding of what it is like to be penetrated.

When a man fully feels an anal sex prostate orgasm, his life is changed forever. This is why we completely recommend anal sex for both sexes, whether you are a heterosexual man or not. Now is the time to get your anal wings and your first anal orgasm.

Now that you know the truth about these anal sex myths, and have read this anal sex how to you can head out into the world and have an awesome anal sex!

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Enjoy! Tell us about your anal sex stories below in the comments!

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  • Perry L

    As a man, giving anal was always a dom/sub activity. That’s where my head is at with this. Of course, I would always seek out women who seemed to be naturally submissive.

  • RMills

    Great article! My wife and I love incorporating anal play in our sexcapades. Of all the tips you mentioned, the only one I would add-to is the tip about being messy. One of the best things you can do for your partner is to completely make it “no big deal”. If I encounter anything at all, there is no mention of it because I know my wife would be so embarrassed. Keeping her relaxed and open to receiving pleasure is my top priority, so I am always mindful of maintaining cleanliness, but I do it as unobtrusively and discreetly as possible so that my wife only has to worry about enjoying the experience. Let’s face it, when my wife is enjoying herself, it’s hot as hell and there is nothing better! I also take her comfort and safety very seriously, so making sure that I keep everything sanitized and that there is no cross-contamination anywhere is also top of my list.

  • Mistiq11

    What a wonderful post. I know a lot of men must secretly wish they could experience anal sex but would never admit that to their partners because of that idea that men who want anal sex are gay. Thank you for making it clear that when it comes to sexual pleasure, those rules just don’t apply.

    • so true! Anal sex doesn’t make a man gay (and so what if it did?), it opens him up to new possibilities of pleasure!

  • AmandaZee

    I have tried anal sex with my ex boyfriend, but it was only with his finger. Does that count? I think it’s something that needs a lot of practice and patience. I did feel a lot of pleasure though.

  • PoisonIvy

    Great tips! I think another tip I would add is not to use numbing lubes. Anal sex is supposed to be pleasurable, so if you experience an unusual amount of pain, that is not right and a clue that you either need to take things slower, or you are not using enough lubrication. Numbing lubes can dull that feeling of pain that might alert you to something you need to do differently. Most importantly, relax and have fun!