The Internet offers a quick solution to meeting new people, but any new person who is a potential love is a potential psychopath too. These online dating tips will help you survive your dating experience.

Our Online Dating Tips.

1. Examine Their Profile Fully

Judging a person based solely on their dating profile pictures is a little like meeting a beautiful babe at a bar; it can be exciting, they’re attractive and you know nothing about them until a conversation starts.

Then, if they have Facebook, get them on there and see how normal they are. Facebook is good in that it gives you some history to look at, see if they have normal friends and what interests they have.

2. Meet in Public

I once knew a girl who had built up so much trust with a guy that she went straight to his house after chatting to him online and on Skype. It didn’t end very well. She managed to get out of the house before she was attacked, but she was very shaken up by the experience.

Do not meet anyone anywhere other than a very public place; this goes for men, too. You don’t know who you are meeting in reality. It’s pretty easy to fraudulently put up a profile to be an attractive man or woman and be duped into meeting them. Go with no expectations when you meet them, but expect to meet them in a busy coffee shop for a 20 minute lunch date. You don’t want to commit to more than that on a first date. If it goes well after the 20 or 30 minutes, sure – extend it a little!

3. Don’t Get Drunk

As above, keep this a short date. Don’t go and get drunk or high. One’s inhibitions obviously drop when drunk, and you lose the ability to say your real no or real yes. Remember our article on boundaries?

4. Tell your friends

Make sure someone else knows what’s going on. Tell your friends you are going to meet this guy you met online, give them usernames, addresses, phone numbers, so that if there is any problem they can contact the police.

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5. Don’t be Afraid to Leave

So you meet up and they are even weirder than a blobfish. Just get out of there!!! If you are genuinely scared, say you need to go to the bathroom and do a runner. If he is just harmless and weird tell him kindly that you have to leave, he’s a big boy.

Good luck and we hope these online dating tips were useful to you!

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